Intellectual property

We have a deep understanding of the interaction between data protection, intellectual property, and contract law.

Data Protection law concerns how your personal information is controlled and used by organisations, businesses, or the government.

St. Joseph Chambers can assist you on matters concerning data breaches (GDPR and DPA issues), subject access requests and compensation claims.

Intellectual property encompasses the protection and exploitation of all forms of creative effort including inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, and brands used in commerce.

We focus particularly on providing advice in respect of copyright. The work in this area extends over the whole range of works entitled to copyright protection including literary, musical and artistic works, computer software, and also particular works such as photographs, films, television programmes, video games and internet websites.

We can also assist you with claims for breach of confidence (also referred to as the misuse of confidential information) and misappropriation of trade secrets including by former directors or employees.


Intellectual property