Legal disputes don’t always require a courtroom to find resolution. This is where our specialised mediation services come into play, offering an alternative path to dispute resolution. Our expert mediator (also a practising barrister), trained and experienced in the art of mediation can provide you with a confidential and effective platform to navigate complex disputes.

In simple terms, a mediator is an independent and impartial person who helps both sides, in a dispute, come to an agreement.

Our mediation approach is designed to empower parties by fostering a cooperative environment conducive to mutually beneficial solutions. Our mediation services are cost-effective, time-efficient, and non-adversarial, preserving commercial relationships.

Whatever the commercial dispute, our skilled and qualified mediator facilitates discussions, encourages understanding, and assists by offering creative solutions that align with the interests of all parties involved.

It is not surprising that matters dealt with by way of mediation are increasing. Even when Court proceedings are issued, it might take a year or more for the case to reach trial with various directions for the parties to comply with before then.

St. Joseph Chambers operates strictly on a fixed fee basis, providing clients with a fixed cost and a clear description of the service included in the cost.